Boxes can be designed and built for individuals as well as business clients.

If you are an individual looking for that special gift, please don't be daunted. Most of my clients are individuals who want that something special for themselves or someone else.

For businesses I can work with you to create one off concept designs or small production runs for unique personalised products or gifts for your special clients or staff, or limited edition products.

The process for commissioning a box is simple. You contact me via the contacts section and we will discuss your requirements. These can be bespoke marquetry, choice of woods/ veneers, finishes, interior layouts or sizes. What to choose can be confusing, so as part of your quote you will be supplied with images of the veneers/ woods that will be used, designs of any marquetry/ parquetry, choices of hinges and lock’s/ latches and the finish for your final agreement.

We then agree a price and you pay a deposit (£50 individual client or 20% Business client). This deposit is to cover the initial cost of materials as once I purchase the wood, it cannot be returned.

Pricing is based on the materials used, complexity of any designs, the finish, the types of hinges, locks and the interior requested.

Please see the materials section for more details regarding veneers, woods, interior and finishes.

Commissioning and materials

Here you will find details on how to commission an item and some details regarding materials. ...more